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Temporary traffic lights on the bridge at Coltishall causing traffic chaos
Delighted to see retain his seat amidst the sea of blue!
RT : looks terrific bet your customers love it.
Thanks to Nick and Sam from who completed setting up our fabulous new card area today.
Our first Sunday opening and systems seem to be down.
RT : Coltishall Ghost - c1910 and 2013
And in another week or so this space will be filled by
... And welcome to our new Local 😀
So it's goodbye to our old counter...
Coltishall Post Office Local opens Thursday 11th March 😀
Today's the last day our old Post Office counter will be open. 😭
NISA delivery truck gone through side of a house in St James, Coltishall!
360 degree data? = going round in circles I think!
Why isn't the NFSP backing this campaign?
RT : Will Post Office scrap 'unfair' cut to lottery profits?