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Spring is Coming!

We seem to have had a long, hard winter - and I'm not just referring to the weather.  Many of you will know that last November our main supplier, Palmer & Harvey, went out of business.  This meant that instead of getting stock delivered, I was having to go to Booker cash and carry in Norwich twice a week to keep stock on the shelves.  This also caused us problems with cash flow as the line of credit we got with P&H was no longer available.  Booker didn't carry the same range of stock that P&H had so you may well have noticed lack of availability in some lines - and particularly almost no Easter eggs this year.

Thankfully we are now moving on with a new supplier.  Things are not entirely settled yet, but we are now getting regular weekly deliveries of ambient (i.e. not chilled) stock and should start getting chilled deliveries also from this week.  Our promotions cycle should now get back on track, although we've tried to keep that going as far as possible.

Going forward we are going to take a long hard look at our range of stock and how we can improve. We'd love to get any feedback about what you would like to see us selling that we don't at the moment.  There are also some exciting developments coming from our suppliers and we should see some new ranges of fresh and own brand produce appearing later in the year.

So lets hope not only that the weather starts to improve, but that we can get back to concentrating on providing you with the best service in Coltishall.

Best wishes, Steve.

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